Chantal Coves was trained as a psychologist but chose to devote her life to following and combining her passions for photography and music. For 30 years she was involved in the music scene working in both Paris and London as a promoter, a radio and tv presenter and a photojournalist. She knew the scene intimately and was friends with, as well as a fan of, many of the rock stars of the day. During this period she accumulated a photographic record of bands, artists and the scene – some for publication and some for her private collection. The photographs reproduced in this website and shown at the "Beyond The Stars" exhibition are selected from the thousands of pictures she took during this time.

Chantal COVES arrived in England on the day of her birth, the 30 October 1980. The day before she came, she had met Paul Eagle in the South of France. He was Impressed by her recent pictures of Nina Hagen and invited her to take up the post of official photographer of the "Battle of the Bands" tour in the UK. Within 2 days, Chantal was in a new country and had embarked on a new career.

After finishing this project, Chantal set about finding more work in London and immersed herself in the thriving music scene. There she met the Clash, the Cure, Iggy Pop, Joe Jackson, Killing Joke, the Lords of the New Church, Lene Lovich, Marc Almond, the Ramones, Siouxsie Sioux, the Stray Cats and countless other of her heroes.

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