A life of after-show parties, recording studios, backstage dressing rooms, provided Chantal with an inspiring canvas from which to extract vivid and real images of the London rock and roll scene. Whereas before music had been a passion for Chantal, it soon became integrated into her lifestyle and her profession.

Chantal concentrated on covering live shows. She was fascinated by the vision of artists in performance - the summoning of the muse; the lights; the stage sets and the energy - and sought to capture in her photos, the artists and performances that were transfixing London audiences.

Chantal's pictures were typically taken from positions as close to the stage (or even on the stage) as possible. Her technique and philosophy for covering gigs was to be there, up front and close so as to immerse herself in the performance and then to capture the energy and magic that she could feel and experience herself. Her photos document vividly the symbiotic relationship and connection between artist and audience. Her candid photos of artists off- stage, back-stage and beyond, similarly aim to capture the energy and magnetism of the stars of the day.

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