Her choice of equipment suited this up close reportage style - using a Nikon F2 on manual settings and very low sensitive slide film, (Iso 64) with no flash - Chantal was forced to shoot up close and fast. The results gave depth and brightness to the colours but posed problems as well. Using no flash and wide apertures meant that she had to work within a very shallow depth of field. Furthermore, working with colour slides did not leave any space for mistakes - in pre-Photoshop days the the picture had to be perfect to be published. However, her camera and film set-up give a special quality to her images.

Chantal invested herself in being there, sensitive to and ready for the right moment to spend precious film. The immediacy and energy of Chantal's photos stands in contrast to standard press release images. In today's PR managed world, photographers are often only allowed to take pictures of the 3 first songs from a set. Even then, the pictures are often airbrushed into acceptable form - taking them even further from the reality of the event. Using today's digital cameras with almost no limit on the number of shots, it is not as important to be up front and ready to capture the "magic moment".

This website is a tribute to a golden era of both music and photography.

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